1.  An adjudicator must be familiar with all of the rules of the festival before the festival commences.
  2.  Written and verbal adjudications are required in all classes although they may be brief in some cases. Both adjudications should further the performer’s knowledge of the music and encourage public performance. A positive, constructive approach is required of all adjudicators.
  3. If an entry is deemed inappropriate or incorrectly chosen for a particular class, the adjudicator should allow the performance and give an adjudication preferably termed “for adjudication only”.
  4. Adjudicators should make every effort to stay on time even if it means a limited adjudication in some cases.
  5. If adjudicators wish to criticize the choice of test pieces, such remarks should be made to the committee at the end of the festival. Under no circumstances should they be made publicly.
  6. Adjudicators are encouraged to discuss the edition used if it is deemed appropriate.
  7. Adjudicators should avoid comparing festivals publicly.
  8. Adjudicators must be professional in all dealings with music festival committees. In addition, they need an excellent ability to communicate in the spoken language of the festival. Members should never use profanity in their adjudications.
  9. Adjudicators are expected to demonstrate appreciation for the efforts of the volunteers.
  10. Adjudicators should never use social media to discuss music festivals or any performer/ performance. Furthermore, they should not post pictures of any students involved in festivals.
  11. There is an expectation that the adjudicators will dress professionally.
  12. If, in the opinion of the adjudicator, the quality of the piano, the quality of its tuning, or the lack of an adjustable bench is objectionable, the adjudicator should not hesitate to privately draw this to the attention of the appropriate member of the festival committee.
  13. At the briefing session with the festival committee, the adjudicator should enquire regarding a policy regarding stopping any performance which goes beyond a stipulated time limit.