“The Duet Challenge”-  A new prize of $500.00 to be awarded to the Music Festival with the most duet entries in Canada.

CMFAA has launched a new initiative! We want to find the Duet Capital of Canada!

We know “the loneliness of the long-distance runner’ applies to piano students, as they practice alone. They have fewer opportunities to be part of ensembles in the way singers and instrumentalists do. We believe in the value of duet playing, and hence this award.


Any Music Festival in Canada (belonging to the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals) is eligible. To apply we need two pieces of information: the total number of solo piano entries, and the total number of duet entries in the Festival for a calendar year. The festival with the highest ratio of duet entries to solo entries will be awarded the Duet Capital of Canada and receive a $500 scholarship.

The Application form is available HERE. (form says 2017  but is valid for 2018). It must be signed/dated by a member of the Executive of the Festival, and submitted to our Registrar by June 1st of 2018.  (This date accommodates all “local” Festivals which are completed by the end of May.  For Festivals that are held in the Fall of 2018, they can submit as soon as their Festival is over.)

The 2018 recipient of the CMFAA Duet Prize:  Shaunavon and District Music Festival, Saskatchewan (Anne Bennett, Secretary)
16.6 percent of the total piano entries were piano duets.