1. The grant is only for supplementing the cost of travel for the adjudicator to a festival, and is not to be used for fees, hotel, or food/ per diem allowance.
  2. Festival committees are allowed one application per calendar year (for one adjudicator)
  3. The CMFAA will have no influence or suggestion as to whom a festival hires as part of this application, other than that the adjudicator being hired is a member in good standing of the CMFAA. You can check the status of prospective adjudicators here: https://www.cmfaa.ca/cmfaa-directory-2/directory-search/
    Password: cmfdir18
  4. The maximum that may be awarded to a successful application is $400, which can fund up to 50% of the adjudicator’s travel costs.
  5. The adjudicator’s home address must be at least 750 kilometers away from the festival location.
  6. Please note that the total funds available for this grant are determined by the CMFAA, may vary from year to year, and are available on a first come first served basis.
  7. Decisions made by the CMFAA are final and not subject to further discussion.

Please complete the application form and submit.