January 2021 New Resources for CMFAA Members

Dear Members,

As mentioned in our December 2020 newsletter, we are releasing more resources for online adjudicating as music festivals continue to transition online this coming year.

Please take advantage of these resources which are for CMFAA members in good standing only.

Online Adjudicating: An Interactive ZOOM Session with Donna Garner
Sunday, February 21st 1-4 p.m. (EST)

Embrace your online game. While nothing will replace the in-person music festival adjudication experience, moving music education online opens up a great opportunity to reach budding musicians in all areas of this vast country. Practice your online adjudication skills in real time, and with real students, receiving practical tips on technical set-up, how to effectively engage your online audience and adjust your adjudication skills to the screen.

For more information or to enrol, email Donna Garner cmfaaadjudication@gmail.com by Friday, February 12th, indicating your area of discipline (voice, piano, strings, brass and woodwinds, etc.)

Online Adjudicating: Impactful Written and Video-Recorded Feedback” – Article and Video by Amy Boyes

Although online adjudicating may be challenging for adjudicators, quality feedback has value, regardless of the mode of delivery. Thanks to technology, students can still benefit from the music festival experience. It’s up to adjudicators to pivot to the new conditions and provide impactful feedback through written or video-recorded comments. Sample adjudications included.

Creating an Outstanding CMFAA Member Profile” – Article by Amy Boyes

Why should a festival hire you? Does your member profile demonstrate your skill set or adjudicating style? Do you stand out in a crowd? Learn how to create an outstanding profile based on tried and true marketing principles.

As always, if you have any questions about these resources, or anything else regarding adjudication, please be in touch. Your Executive is here to support you.

On behalf of the Executive

Dr. Greg Caisley