New Member Application

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  • If you have completed graduate work in the specialized discipline for which you are applying, or have equivalent professional experience, and a record of success as a performer-teacher in your field
  • If you understand the purpose and artistic ideal of festivals
  • If you have adjudicated at least THREE different festivals within the last five years (jury exams, workshops, concerto competitions, NATS festivals, orchestral auditions, master classes, and Provincial Finals do not apply)
  • If you have strong effective communication skills

Then follow these TWO steps:

  1. Fill out the following application form.
  2. Please e-mail your current curriculum vitae to the CMFAA
Fill out my online form.

By applying and being a member of the CMFAA, you agree to uphold the code of ethics of the organization, or risk sanctions.

When we have received at least THREE positive recommendations from the festivals you have listed, your application will be considered by the executive for an invitation to join the CMFAA, and you will receive an e-mail from us. Upon receipt of the annual dues of $50.00, you will become a full member and your entry will be added to the annual association Directory. Please note: Do not send a cheque or pay via Paypal until we have received replies from the festivals listed. We will then contact you.

Lacking adjudicating experience? How to get started:

  • enter your own students in festival classes in your area
  • observe member adjudicators at work and note their methods and style
  • talk to festival administrators
  • consult the annual ‘Digest Report’ of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals. The ‘Digest’ lists all festivals by province and includes a contact for each. Send a brief letter and CV to any of those listed with a request to adjudicate their festival. A membership in the Federation (including the Digest) may be purchased for a $30.00 annual fee.