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CMFAA Logo Striving for:
  • High Standards
  • Good Relations with Festivals
  • Optimal Working Conditions

Communicating with over 250 festivals from St John's NF to Victoria BC

What we offer to Music Festivals
The Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators' Association is a national organization of experienced performers and/or teachers with a proven record of success. With the aid of our Directory, which contains biographical and contact information of each of our members, festival committees will be able to select adjudicators best suited for their needs.

To gain access to our Directory, please ensure that your current festival address is on our Mailing List, by completing the "Online Festival Request Form" available on our "Main Navigation Page".

Documents that provide guidelines for the employment of adjudicators and suggestions for the operation of a successful festival are also available to festival committees as online or downloadable PDF files.

What we offer to Members
Member names are entered in our Directory which is made available to over 250 festivals across Canada. Listings include detailed contact information, a biographical sketch, area(s) of expertise and most recent festivals adjudicated. Festivals know that adjudicators listed in the CMFAA Directory have been highly recommended by other festivals. Periodic Newsletters keep you informed of the festival scene and concerns of both adjudicators and festivals. Links with the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals provide names and addresses for all member festivals across Canada. Executive members work continuously on your behalf maintaining relations with local, provincial and national festival organizations.

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